Air Cargo Networks

Neutral Air Partner organization was founded recently in Hong Kong which is home to the world?s largest cargo airport. The network wants to inject a greater degree of advanced air cargo expertise into the logistics industry revive specialization, and to drive airfreight and express buying power across the air cargo supply chain.

Neutral Air Partner was founded by a group of air cargo entrepreneurs and consultants, sharing the common goal of creating an innovative platform of air cargo specialists to service the logistics and aviation community. It aims to build competitive advantages through tailor made air cargo community tools, and by setting new standards of excellence for the air cargo business.

The network presently consists of 130 like-minded air cargo specialists from 70 countries placing the group as one of the largest air cargo providers worldwide, in terms of tonnage and revenue. Our first class partners are dedicated to providing innovative air cargo solutions to the international freight logistics, shipping & aviation community.

Our mission is to partner with our members to reach new heights, and set new standards of excellence by building competitive advantages and developing innovative air cargo products and services.

Our aim is to become the world?s most powerful grouping of independent air cargo architects and service providers to the trade.